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Asia Rice Cooker

The panasonic commercial large rice cooker sr-ga721 is prime for asia, this large rice cooker can cook large quantities of rice quickly and easily, plus, the balanced design feature ensures even distribution of heat throughout the rice cooker.

Asia Rice Cooker Ebay

The Asia series rice cooker is a peerless cooker for home chefs who crave to cook from scratch, it comes with a steamer and cooker, which makes it effortless to create delicious rice. The cooker can do up to four cups of rice per time, which peerless for busy kitchens, the steamer is excellent for making rice that is tough and wet, which is top-of-the-line for keeping rice cookers out of the reach of quick cookers. The panasonic sr-jn185 is an 10-cup deluxe rice cooker that is designed for europe, Asia and australia, it gives an 220 v rating and can be used to cook rice or other spices. This rice cooker also grants an automatic shut-off that is exquisite for when you are done with your meal, this rice cooker is likewise basic to operate with an on-off switch and a regulatory lever. The pan is furthermore metal with a black anodized finish and is a valuable size for either a large or small kitchen, the sr-jn185 is a practical substitute for a shopper searching for a good old-fashioned rice cooker. The Asia rice cooker is a beneficial surrogate for people digging for a high-quality and high-performance rice cooker, this model is to rice and does not include a water bath. It comes with a romer-zed sock, which helps to keep the machine together and keeps the rice from sticking, the Asia rice cooker also features a loud and large dial for control, as well as an 5-in-1 adjustable function. The new hampton Asia series rice cooker steamer is sterling for people hunting for a steamer to add onto your rice cooker, this steamer is produced with durable materials and comes with a variety of features to make cooking your rice easier. With it, you can get started with rice just as soon as you like and be able to continue using it over and over again.