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Pars Rice Cooker

The Pars automatic stainless steel persian rice cooker is excellent for cooking rice in a secure and safe environment, this rice cooker comes with 10 cup capacities so you can cook delicious and healthy rice. It is additionally noiseless and effortless to adopt so you can get to your rice without getting.

Pars Automatic Persian Rice Cooker

This is a sterling alternative for shoppers scouring for a reliable and efficient rice cooker, this cooker comes with an 15 cup capacity so it can cook up to 25-30 cups of cooked rice. The unit is again stylish and looks enticing with its polished brass controls, the is sterling for folks who enjoy cooking rice and who are scouring for an efficient and reliable rice cooker. The Pars automatic persian rice cooker is first-rate for cooking rice, it is basic to operate and grants a roman-stylehandle that makes it very straightforward to coli your rice. The rice is then baked in oven or in a stovetop oven, the parsley and fresh ingredients are unrivaled together in this automatic rice cooker set 10 cups. This rice cooker also offers an 10 cup capacity so that you can cook a large pot of rice in just one set time, the green and yellow colors together make the rice cooker a popular way for shoppers who enjoy to cook. The Pars automatic stainless steel persian rice cooker is an exceptional surrogate to get 8 cups of delicious rice without any hard start, this rice cooker comes with an 10 cup capacity so you can easily make 8 cups of delicious rice. The brushed finish and heavy-dutycoded stainless steel make it a top addition to your kitchen, this rice cooker also comes with a button, so you can easily get ready for cooking.