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Rice Cooker For One Person

This rice cooker is top-notch For One person, it is straightforward to operate and can cook two cups of rice in under five minutes. It grants a comfortable design and a bright green color.

Rice Cooker For One Person Ebay

The rice cooker For One Person is a small, wide, and depth: 240 x depth: 100 x width: 240 mm, it extends a weight: 80 mm and a height: 80 mm. The rice cooker can cook rice according to the instructions on the screen, the rice cooker is excellent For One person! This small, ultra high speed lunch box is unequaled For cooking rice and food. The rice cooker can easily handle One person's appetite, and the small size is puissant For busy restaurants or small homes, this rice cooker is terrific For One person. It is small and effortless to use, making it practical For busy days or an easy-to-use tool For cooking One person's rice, the handy rice cooker For One Person is sensational For people who ache to cook rice without any hassle. It comes with an easy-to-use spoon, making it effortless to add water or milk, and provides an alarm to tell you it is done, it is small and lightweight so they can easily take it with them. It renders a tracking system so they can know when they are cooking rice even when they are out of the house, the technology ensures even cooking and enough water to cover the rice.