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Rice Cooker Steamer Basket

The tiger jaz-a18u electric rice cooker and warmer with steam basket white 10 cups is perfect for those who love to cook with rice. This rice cooker has an automatic shut-off system that is perfect for busy times, and it comes with a warmer and steam basket to help you get the rice cooked perfect for any meal.

Steamer Tray For Rice Cooker

If you are looking for a rice cooker that steams your rice, the steamer tray is a good option. This trays for the rice cooker has a named after it to make it easier to find. It has a-hole for passage, -Groove for better flipping, and is made of durable plastic. It is also simple to put together, and only requires some strong hands for one task. the first thing you need to do is take the rice out of the rice cooker. If you are using a respect rice cooker, the light will turn off by itself. The light will turn on. If you don't have a rice cooker, then place the rice in the dishwasher for a few minutes to soften it down. then, you need to remove the rice paper and the rice. Be sure to do this in two steps, as there is a process to remove the rice paper. First, you need to pry it off with your hands. Second, you need to remove the rice and the water. once the rice is out of the rice cooker, you can move it to the basket. Now, you need to perch it in the basket. Once it is perched in, you need to turn on the rice cooker and add the water. Once the water is in, you need to turn off the rice cooker and then on to the rice. Once the rice is in, you need to flip it over and let it cook for 2-3 minutes. if you are making a shrimp dish, then you need to add the water and the rice. if you are making a dish with chicken, once the chicken is in, if you are making a tomato dish, once the tomato sauce is in, after it is cooked, you can enjoy your meal. There is no need to worry about the rice being cooked too long, and it will always be a good and healthy meal.

Rice Cooker Steamer Tray

This is a great rice cooker with steaming basket dishwasher-safe part. It comes with a 6-cup super-smart rice cooker with steaming basket dishwasher-safe component. This component is perfect for those who want a easy-to-use rice cooker but don't want a bulky steaming basket. The component is all you need to make perfect-tasting rice with ease. this rice cooker with steaming basket is a great way to keep your rice cooked on all 6 cups! This rice cooker also includes a steaming basket keeper to keep any cooked rice together. This rice cooker is a great addition to your rice cooker set up and is perfect for those that like their rice cooked to perfection! our steam tray for rice cooker is perfect for using when cooking rice. The basket is made from durable stainless steel and is perfect for. this rice cooker steam basket has an 8 cup capacity and is made of plastic. It is easy to portable and has a cute design. It is perfect for when you need to serve a large quantity of rice.