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Tiger 5.5-cup Micom Rice Cooker

The Tiger jax-t10 u-k is top-rated for lovers who ache for an 5, 5-cup rice cooker. It features a com rice cooker, which makes it facile to cook rice, the steamer also ensures that your rice is cooked evenly, which is top-rated for people who like their theirs cooked perfectly. The slow cooker also ensures that you can have your rice cooked completely, which is excellent if you want it.

And Warmer

Tiger Corporation JAX-T10U 5.5-Cup Micom

By Tiger Corporation


And Warmer Home Kitchen Dining Room

Tiger 5.5-Cup Micom Rice Cooker

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With Food Steamer

Tiger JAX-T10U-K 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Micom

By Tiger Corporation


TIGER Micom 5.5 Cup Rice & Multi-Cooker & Warmer
Used With Steam Tray

Best Tiger 55-cup Micom Rice Cooker

The Tiger 5, 5-cup com rice cooker is a new japanese Tiger 5. Com rice cooker that is warmer stainless steel, it is top-quality for both home and office cooking. The rice is interrogated at 5, com and it is equipped with an insertable timer. The rice is preheated and then can be cooked according to the on-screen instructions, the Tiger imparts an energy rating of 350 watts and it is ready to cook the rice in 5-10 minutes. 5-cup com rice cooker and warmer home kitchen dining room is excellent for people who are scouring for a powerful and efficient rice cooker that can also be kept as a tool for cooking over fire, this rice cooker comes with an excellent features list, including 5. 5-cupmicom rice cooker, and indicators for on-demand cooking, the rice cooker can easily handle the task of cooking rice and other rice-like items, and the include handle and size make it uncomplicated to carry around. The rice cooker comes with a dusting system to keep it clean, and it includes an indicator for rice cooking started, overall, the Tiger 5. Com rice cooker and warmer home kitchen dining room is a top-rated rice cooker that peerless for any home cook scouring for an effective and efficient rice cooker, 5-cup com rice cooker is a best-in-class new choice for admirers hunting for a rice cooker that is both warm and oven-safe. It comes with a quick-start guide, how-to guide, and some key specs: 5, com rice cooker stainless steel exterior automatic shut-off humiliates knack for cooking by itself the Tiger 5. Com rice cooker is a fantastic alternative to make rice more easily and at home, with its easy-to-reach settings and automatic shut-off, Tiger rice cooker is sure to make your rice cooking process a lot easier. The Tiger 5, com rice cooker with food steamer basket wh. Is an excellent way for suitors hunting for a tasty and effortless to adopt rice cooker, this model is equipped with an 8-valve small pot and food steamer, so you can easily create or bowl rice with your favorite ingredients. The Tiger 5, is also equipped with an automatic shut-off feature, so you can easily get it going in a hurry.